53 Events to Stream Live… and Counting!


Live streaming is going to be huge in 2013 for brands: both as a marketing strategy and for service delivery. We’ve all heard already that video is important. So, why is LIVE video so much better?

  1. Buzz: turn a video into an event with chat and audience participation get’s attention.
  2. Community: create a two way conversation between you and your market while providing them with the opportunity to interact with one another while providing you with instant feedback.
  3. Connecting thought leaders with their fans: booking guest appearances will be easier to come by as appearing in a live event that involves interaction with your market is more attractive.
  4. Save time and energy in editing: pull in all necessary media (including graphics, video, and audio) while streaming and recording live allowing you to publish your video directly after your event for others to watch later.
  5. Structure and accountability: when others are expecting an event, added it to their calendar, and are excited to tune in you have to get over your fears and prepare your content. Systems are created with consistency and audiences are grown with persistence. You audience is also provided with a set time and place to watch and participate in your content.

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Not sure how to incorporate live streaming into your business model? Here are 53 ways (and counting) on how to bring a live online, video event into your brand:

  1. Record your Podcast live
  2. Interview thought leaders
  3. Broadcast a recording live
  4. Amplify a Twitter chat
  5. Record a news segment live
  6. Premier your new video live
  7. Throw a virtual book launch party
  8. Conduct coaching programs
  9. Demonstrate a product
  10. Demonstrate a skill
  11. Teach a class
  12. Host a lecture on powerpoint
  13. Moderate a panel
  14. Hold a seminar
  15. Host a conference
  16. Invite hobbyists or professionals to a tradeshow
  17. Invite conference attendees to an expo
  18. Conduct a virtual book tour
  19. Provide your blog sponsor with an extra incentive
  20. Announce an in person conference
  21. Wine tasting
  22. Chocolate tasting
  23. Host a giveaway
  24. Teach guitar lessons to a group
  25. Hold a private or public virtual conference
  26. Virtual conference happy hour
  27. Virtual open house for selling your home
  28. Club meetings
  29. Dance classes
  30. Yoga session
  31. Fitness coaching
  32. Language lessons
  33. Sales training
  34. Meetings for virtual workforce
  35. Fan club meetups
  36. Host a flash sale for yourself or a group of merchants
  37. Host a virtual garage sale corresponding with eBay
  38. Church service
  39. Singing competition
  40. Chef competition
  41. Public forum
  42. Campaigning
  43. Bingo
  44. Radio show
  45. Coach your down line sales team
  46. Provide a value added service to your current members
  47. Take office hours
  48. Feature alumni
  49. Do post event commentary
  50. Throw a show premiere party
  51. Do a review of a product, book, or movie
  52. Feature a member
  53. Live chat with your blog commenters on a subject

We know that live video seems out of your reach, which is why we want to help you out. Contact Ovaleye at producer@ovaleye.tv to ask your questions or have us produce your online event. If you’re not ready, keep in touch by following us on Twitter or liking our Page on Facebook.

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