Ovaleye is a family business- owners being Kathy (mom/wife), Tracy (dad/husband), and Jenn (daughter). We spend much of our time together lately in the Studio producing live webcasts, or getting caught up over late night meetings. Friday night we all got out and went to celebrate Mimi at the Seattle Mariner’s game (Tracy’s mom, Kathy’s mother-in-law, and Jenn’s grandma), an annual tradition.

We’ll be laying low on Thursday and Friday of this week, spending time with friends and family for the 4th of July too. Here’s a little peak into our family fun.

Mariners Game! Go Mariners! by @kathyknelson

We’re ready for some baseball ☀ by @jenniferdonogh

Guys at the game #mariners by @jenniferdonogh

Gluten free booth. My happy place

Mimi enjoying her Mariners with her fav cotton candy. Son and mom

Best start of the summer. Ya Mariners!

Feeling like you’re “under pressure” lately? Remind yourself that the feeling is a healthy reminder to keep going, try harder, think bigger, and above all else know you can do it.

Seth Godin

The idea that if you can’t get on TV, you will make your own show and broadcast it is happening right now. No matter what field you are in, your bluff is called. You can no longer point to boundaries that are there, because they are pretty easy to surmount, if you want to.”

About Ovaleye.TV We know one person has the power to inspire their community, even the world. Live streaming is less about video and more about creating an experience. We help you create an experience. Ovaleye produces live streaming video events– platform that has impact, perfect for changing the world. Contact our team to find out more.

The Studio has been expanding as our clients have been doing cool things and bringing in large audiences!

We’re grateful for everyone who has been supporting us along the way. We could not be more excited for what 2013 will bring for us and our clients!

What have you dared to dream for lately?

Are you a “mediapreneur” or interested in starting your own talk show? Here is someone I’m sure we’ve all looked up to when it comes to creating awesome content…

We’ve talked about Larry King before on the Ovaleye TV blog for inspiring us with his move to Hulu. In one of his newer episodes of Larry King Now he talks with new talk show host, Kathy Griffin, about his advice for her in conducting interviews.

His advice:

  • “You’re not the guest… it’s driven by you.” Don’t talk too much and overwhelm your guest.
  • Let the guest be funny and play off of them.
  • Don’t be afraid to interrupt.
  • Bring people on for the first time: don’t be too friendly, or know “too” much about your guests.
  • Consider bringing in topics.
  • Have fun with the answers to the questions you get.

Remember one thing– “It’s your show.”

“Nothing’s going to happen in that hour that’s gonna change the world… it ain’t the end of the world, let it flow.”

Hear it from him…

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photo by: JoeInSouthernCA

Ovaleye ventured out at night Sunday for the Crave Seattle book launch. We’re thrilled to be featured among 100 amazing female entrepreneurs in the Seattle area.

crave seattle ovaleye

Our spread is on page 202 of the Seattle book, or you can view our profile on Crave Seattle online.

crave seattle ovaleye

We’re also honored to be fully launched by being featured on LaunchHer.com! Thank you to the women that make that site happen. Read on LaunchHer the story behind Ovaleye.TV.

launchher ovaleye

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“I love live television.” – Tom Bergeron

In our opinion, live television hosting doesn’t get much better than Tom Bergeron. We’re big fans of Dancing with the Stars. As a family business we usually gather on Monday nights when it’s on to watch it live.

Bergeron keeps the show flowing, even during awkward moments with finesse. One of the actions we ask our clients to take is to study how others host and handle live video situations whether it be on television or online.

If you’re interested in going live whether it be to host an online show, a conference, or to teach a class make notes on what makes other live experiences “work.”

PS. You can buy his bobble head above, no joke. Find it here.

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We here at Ovaleye.TV are suckers for live events– whether it’s the Super Bowl or a live, online show… or even the Oscars. Live TV is an event. You show up to not only view the content, but interact with the other fans who are watching it- excited even to be the first to witness a slip up every now and then.

To celebrate live video we’re hosting our 2nd Annual Oscars Commercial Breaks Live Stream Viewing Party!

What is a live stream commercial breaks viewing party? If you’re like us, when we sit on the couch infront of the television we’ll usually have our iPhone, iPad, or laptop with us (or sometimes all three).

When you mute the commercials out you can now pop open the live stream video (on any device) and chat with others that are doing the same. As business owners- and most of us women- we’re gathering others like ourselves to join us for the evening.

AND, rather than hearing us go on about what just happened, we want to get YOU involved in the show. We welcome women-owned businesses to jump on Skype to tell us their thoughts. Your 1-2 minute commentary/expert advice will be recorded and provided to you to use the next day on your blog (easy content)! Email producer@ovaleye.tv with the subject line Oscar Party. Tell us what you’d like to talk about and we’ll get you scheduled in for the event.

Like us on Facebook to stay up on the events leading up to the day too.

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